One Medium- Multiple Solutions

Bring your marketing ideas to action quickly and easily.

One Medium- Multiple Solutions

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Lead collection made easy!


Create link or QR Code

  • Quick Sign up and create your personalized template for your diverse policy needs.
  • Create your forms with your personalized branding to get your link, QR, and other templates 


  • Add your link to emails, social media posts, websites and online directories.   
  • Put the QR code templates on marketing materials for events, sponsorships, business cards. 


  • Manage all your leads from different channel in one system.
  • Convert high-intent leads with 24/7 notifications and reminders.

Agents thrive with Agency Height

“I used to keep missing my notes on leads here and there, handing out business cards with the QR code has made it so much easier for me. Now I can check on all my leads from my account. Simple and smart. I hope they bring out new designs soon.”

Tiffany A.


“I’ve been sharing the link on all my social media posts; I find it really easy to use. ”

Daniel J.


“It's been a real game-changer for me, it's straightforward, gets all the contact info and prior insurance info, and helps me get an idea about their insurance requirement before I head on to make a call. If you’re looking for something simple and effective, this tool is worth a look.”

Andrew L.


One Medium - Multiple Solutions

  • Customized funnels for leads of diverse policy needs. 
  • Online and offline channels for lead generation. 
  • Get all your leads data collected on a single platform. 
  • Receive alerts and notification for faster response. 
  • Get data and insights to analyze your campaigns’ performance.   
One Medium - Multiple Solutions

Scale Your Digital Marketing Conversion 


Email Marketing

Include the custom link in your email campaigns to drive traffic to your lead generation form.


Facebook Marketing

Share the custom link on your social media profiles like facebook for your audience to fill out details with one click.


Partnership Marketing

Your partners can now easily share your link with their audience. And the best part is that you can now track all your partners in one dashboard to know which partner drives the most traffic.


Yelp and Google Business Profile

Use the custom link in online directories such as Yelp, Google My Business, or anywhere you like to drive traffic to your lead generation form.

Ease Your Traditional Marketing 


Events and Sponsorships 

Print the QR code on marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, or banners to allow attendees to easily access your lead generation form during events or sponsorships.


Partnership Collaterals

Provide your referral partners with your custom link or QR code to include in their marketing materials. 


Business Cards 

With your QR code on your business card, your potential leads can easily fill out their details, making your lead collection journey easy.


Direct Mailers 

Include the QR code in your direct mailers to encourage recipients to scan and access your lead generation form online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any insurance agency get their custom link?

    Any agency can get their custom link on Agency Height. Just add your listing and fill out your details to get a custom link.

  • Where can I use the custom link?

    You can use your custom link in any of your online marketing initiatives. Share it in your social media, Google business profile, Yelp, or your email marketing.

  • Does it cost anything to get my custom QR?

    You can get your custom QR, link and business card with your logo for free. More features to come soon.

  • Can I still have the access to the Agency Height Directory?

    You can get all previous features including the directory while enjoying Medium to easily manage your leads.