One Less Thing To Worry About When Your Flying With Flight Insurance

TLTR: This article discusses the importance of flight insurance and why you may want to get it for your next trip.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic slowly subsiding, many people are looking for safe options to travel again. As per Forbes, to have a safe journey, you should invest in travel insurance. More specifically, flight insurance if you are planning to take a plane for your next trip.

The option to get flight insurance may be available while you book your tickets, or you can contact third-party insurance companies.

Flight insurance is a simple form of insurance coverage. It has many limitations and is only viable when using a commercial airline.

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What Does Flight Insurance Cover?

Before you purchase this policy (or any type of policy, for that matter), be sure you understand what it covers. General coverage areas are:
  • Delay and cancellation of your flight
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Loss of life
  • Physical injuries due to accident while on flight
A standard policy covers you from the day of departure through all the flights which are included until you reach your destination.
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Is Flight Insurance Worth It?

According to Statista, 5.6 mishandled baggage reports are filed per every 1,000 passengers worldwide. While this may seem like a small number, when you consider that about 6 million people fly every day, it equals an average of 33,600 incidents of lost luggage daily. And it can happen to anybody, you or me included (and probably has, if you fly with any frequency). Imagine losing your valuables and having no compensation for it. While having personal articles floater insurance may help cover your valuables, it won’t cover all your losses.

That’s where flight insurance comes in, and it’s relatively affordable. The average cost of getting it added to your ticket is between 4%-10% of the total ticket cost.

For example, if you’re paying $1,000 for a trip to Ireland, you will be able to get this policy for as low as $40. This cost will cover all your flights on the trip.

Will It Cover COVID-19?

While most P&C insurers don’t traditionally offer coverage from epidemics and pandemics, special exclusions have been made under the current pandemic circumstances.   

So, yes, some flight insurance policies will cover the cost of getting COVID-19. This will require you to get tested before your flight and you’ll have to adopt all the required precautions before traveling.   

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Can I Buy Flight Insurance After Booking?

Well, yes, you can. But it’s always better to purchase insurance as soon as possible. If you have travel plans, then you might as well start looking at your flight insurance options now.   

What are some other key benefits of flight insurance?

Additional benefits include:
  • Unique benefits for military members
  • Some policies won’t charge you to cover a minor
  • Primary medical services
  • Legal referrals

In Conclusion

Getting flight insurance will bring you peace of mind. The only time you might consider skipping it is if you’re not traveling with expensive items, or if you’re making cheap domestic trips.

Are you confused about how to cover your next trip? Get in touch with a local insurance agent today!

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