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We all hope we’ll never need insurance, but we buy it because we know it’s the smart thing to do.  

Still, attempting to purchase the appropriate policies can be a daunting task for the average person.  We may not be sure what specific insurance best suits our needs or how to go about asking questions. It’s important to get this sorted out and have a clear idea of what you’re buying and what it doesn’t and doesn’t cover before you make the purchase. You don’t want to face a dire situation and then find out your policy doesn’t really meet your needs when you attempt to make a claim on it.   

This is why it’s always important to ask questions so you can be totally confident in your coverage. It could save you from a lot of trouble down the line! 

When you own a business, you need to insure any vehicles, property, equipment, or buildings that are associated with it.  Your first step? Get in contact with a good commercial insurance agent. Commercial insurance agents specialize in finding the right coverage for businesses. And they work with different insurance companies to find the best rates for their clients. 

Commercial insurance experts are the number one go-to resource for individuals and companies that are in need of appropriate policies. These experts have the experience and knowledge to help you understand the ins and outs of commercial insurance policies and can provide you with their opinions on whatever coverage options are available.  

Agency height reached out to some of our listed commercial insurance agents and asked them a few questions regarding their experiences. Their responses were varied, but all agreed that commercial insurance is a necessary expenditure for any business. Thanks to the insights of these experts, we have a better understanding of the commercial insurance landscape and what businesses need to consider when shopping for a policy. 

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Steve Cranford 

How do you deal with situations where a client’s commercial auto policy doesn’t have an adequate coverage limit? 

Point out the State & Federal requirements if any.  Share the “what if” possibilities.  Offer higher limits to show the minimal difference in premium to protect their livelihood.  

In your opinion, what fundamental knowledge does a commercial auto insurance buyer need to have before reaching out to any commercial insurance agents? 

Check references.  Know the coverage and insurance language to determine in conversation if the agent sounds knowledgeable.  Talk to the agent to determine if he or she sounds like someone you could work with.   

What can an insured expect during a commercial auto insurance claims process? Do you have any suggestions to make the claims process faster?  

Carriers today want a picture at the scene if possible.  Most prefer the client to call in a report.  This will expedite the process, but always contact your agent so they can follow up on your behalf.  

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“Talk to an agent first to determine if he or she sounds like someone you could work with.Most carriers prefer the client to call in a report, but always contact your agent first, so they can follow up on your behalf.” 

Steve Cranford

109 Von Logan Dr, Thomasville, US

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