Last Updated: November 28, 2022

Carrier Appointments and How to Get Them

Are you constantly frustrated because of limited market access?

Even for the most skilled and qualified insurance agents getting carrier appointments can be tough. But hey, behind every challenge is a solution and through this article, we are bringing you exactly that.

Here are some of the steps you can take to get more carrier appointments easily:


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Why Is It Difficult to Get Appointments with Insurance Carriers?

Many large and successful carriers don’t want to work with small agents and agencies. The first reason is that big-name carriers want to partner with agencies that already have commendable experience or volume production. Most new agencies might not have them. 

Top carriers also carefully evaluate the agencies they want to work with because they want to make sure that the agency they are appointing is going to bring them quality customers. They don’t want to partner with agencies that can potentially bring them clients who make a lot of claims and hurt the company overall. 

Research About Your Options  

It is challenging to get appointments with good carriers. So, make sure you do your research and homework before approaching any to improve your chances.

These questions might come in handy during your research:

  • Is the carrier taking in new agents?
  • Do the goals of the company align with your own?
  • What are the financial goals of the company?
  • Do these companies allow you to work with several companies or just one?
  • Do they have any quota requirements?

Learn About the Requirements of Different Carriers 

What do the carriers want from their agents? Agents can figure out what the company is looking for by analyzing the company’s appointment application and website. Calling the insurance company and speaking with their Business Development Manager can also be helpful.

Most carriers require insurance agents to have the following: 

    • A strong business plan that is reviewed regularly 
    • An active license to sell insurance 
    • An established online presence 
    • The ability to sell, and a proven record of successful sales 

Network in Insurance Events 

When you want to get your name out there in the insurance world, it’s important that not only do they know who you are but also what kind of agents or agencies your services offer. You can boost this by attending industry events and connecting with other agents on LinkedIn while building relationships at classes taken together as well! 

Consider Selling Unique Insurance Policies 

Insurance is a competitive business and it’s tough to get appointments with personal lines of insurance such as life or auto. Most companies prefer agents who already have plenty of experience in the niche, but if you’re looking into less common types then consider reducing competition by selling commercial E&O policies for instance which can help make you stand out from other candidates even more so than before! 

Join An Insurance Cluster 

In order to get access to carriers, you can also join an insurance cluster. An insurance cluster basically is a master agency that has a ton of agents under them. Agents bring policies to such clusters, merge their books of business and improve each other’s standing with insurance carriers. 

If you are a part of an insurance cluster, you can develop credibility with carriers much faster. Most clusters also have good contacts with carriers already, so this will help you get a jumpstart. On top of that, some carriers also offer better commission rates for cluster members. 

Additional Tips for New Insurance Agents

Prepare your business plan: You need a business plan to show you are serious about growing your business. A business plan is an evolving document that should change over time and can be influenced by external factors such as the economy and local conditions. A company that has a business plan comprising defined, quantifiable, and attainable goals ensures the company’s long-term success. You can also include your experience, marketing strategies, goals, and growth timeline in your plan.

Build your brand: You need to show that you have a presence, and a profile in the industry and you are serious about doing business. Having a well-designed, properly functioning website, a logo, and a strong social media presence can help you build that awareness.

Make your agency attractive: Major carriers want to conduct business with independent agents who they believe will best enable them to accomplish their profitability goals. Carriers seek enterprises that follow proven “best practices,” wish to work as a team with the company, and operate in suitable geographic and regulatory settings.

Prepare well: On their website, most carriers provide a list of qualifications (as well as an application) for obtaining an appointment with their organization. Before you begin, ensure that you have completed all of the prerequisites and that you are prepared to meet any further criteria (such as a background check and proof of licensing for both you and your agency).

Discover your niche: Personal Lines may cover high-value houses or specialist automobiles. Commercial Lines could include restaurants, hotels/motels, vehicle repair shops, or contractors. Having a specialization could make you more appealing to direct carriers. Look at other local organizations to discover where gaps exist.

Network with carrier representatives: Most prominent insurance providers prefer captive (exclusive) agents over independent ones. That means you’ll have to go after them rather than the other way around.




Once you have all the information about carrier appointments, getting one will not be challenging. That’s exactly what we are aiming for with this article – making you well-equipped with the right knowledge so that you can get appointed. 

If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to go through similar resources that can help you grow and earn more, check out our insightful blogs here. 

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