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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is my auto insurance rate determined?

Various factors determine the rate of your auto insurance, such as the type of your car, driving habits, and demographic characteristics. Additionally, the coverages you choose, limitations, and deductible as you select are all elements that may influence your auto insurance prices.   

How much auto insurance do I need?

When registering a vehicle or renewing your license, most states require proof of liability insurance. An accident may lead to losses that aren’t covered by a state’s minimum liability insurance requirement. In this situation, the driver who caused the collision may have to pay additional charges out of pocket. Consider the following factors when determining how much vehicle insurance you require:   

  • The worth of your assets   
  • When and how you drive   
  • What you’re driving   
  • Who else is in your car

What are the essential features of an auto insurance policy?

There are four important features you should be aware of when it comes to auto insurance coverage: 

  • Physical injury protection 
  • Property damage protection 
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Collision coverage

How do I get a quote for car insurance?

It is easy to obtain an auto insurance quote from us. Get in touch with our local independent representative and get started with a policy that provides the protection you want at an affordable price.

Will car insurance pay for repairs?

Car insurance usually helps cover repair expenses if the damage results from an accident or other covered events, such as theft or fire. Repairs for everyday wear and tear or technical faults, on the other hand, are generally not excluded from a basic auto insurance policy.

Should I get collision coverage when I buy an older car?

If you purchase an older vehicle, you may not want to get collision coverage because the premium may be higher than the car’s value. However, it is a balancing act; if the automobile is totaled and you do not have collision coverage, you will have to replace it.

What's the average cost of car insurance per month?

The national average for minimum coverage is $785 per year or $65 per month. Your premium may vary widely based on your residence, coverage, and driving record.

What type of discounts can I get on my car insurance?

These are the most common auto insurance discounts:   

  • Discount for safe drivers   
  • Good student discount   
  • Discount on anti-theft devices   
  • Multiple cars discount   
  • Multi-policy/bundling discount
  • Discount for low mileage
  • Discount for defensive driving classes

    What car insurance coverage and limits do I need?

    Car insurance coverage and limits depend on your specific circumstances. Drivers must have the state-mandated limits of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Minimum coverage is required to assist in covering the vehicle, property damage, and injury-related expenditures for other persons involved in an accident.   

    Policy choices above the state’s minimum requirements can provide more comprehensive protection. It’s vital to think about your circumstances, such as your risk tolerance and budget.

    Do auto insurance quotes affect credit?

    Insurance companies assess your credit to determine your accountability and financial security, but they do not extend credit.

    What is a car insurance deductible?

    A deductible on auto insurance is the amount you agree to pay in advance for coverage such as collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist property damage, and personal injury protection.

    Do I need rideshare insurance?

    Personal auto insurance does not protect you when driving for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. So, drivers need to obtain a ride sharing policy or endorsement. Many ridesharing firms provide at least some coverage for their drivers. Still, not all do, and some only offer limited coverage. Therefore, rideshare drivers should obtain additional coverage.

    What Is gap or loan/lease gap insurance?

    Loan/lease gap coverage is another name for gap insurance. Only the original loan or leaseholder on a new car is eligible for this coverage. Gap insurance bridges the gap between the depreciated value of your vehicle and the amount you still owe on it.

    Do homeowners get cheaper car insurance?

    Considering different insurance companies provide additional discounts, your auto insurance can be cheaper if you own a home. Many car insurance companies give homeownership discounts because homeowners are less of a risk to insure from their perspective.

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