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5 Great Reasons To Get
Car Insurance Without License

TLTR: Why would you get car insurance without a driver’s license? Is it even possible? Yes, it is! This article takes a deep dive into multiple reasons why you should purchase coverage for your vehicle regardless of whether you have a driver’s license or not.

In a perfect world, you could drive around town on a completely empty road with no need for a driver’s license or car insurance. Unfortunately, this world is anything but perfect.   

In this world, however, not having a driver’s license doesn’t stop you from owning a car or getting car insurance. While some may see this as an opportunity to keep their vehicle financially protected regardless of whether they’re driving it or not, others would apparently rather not have any protection whatsoever.  

Forbes reports that Florida has one of the highest numbers of uninsured motorists in the U.S. It’s illegal, of course, to drive without a valid license in Florida. What if you’re driving on the roads of Tampa with no insurance and a revoked license and you get in a car crash?  

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Can You Get Car Insurance Without a Driver’s License?

For sure, getting car insurance even if you don’t have a driver’s license is in your best interest.   

In fact, having a license isn’t truly necessary for buying a car or purchasing insurance. However, there may be some strings attached.  

Some insurance providers will deny you a quote if you don’t have a license. That’s because they view you as a higher-risk driver on the road. Additionally, the providers will ask for your active driver’s license number before starting your coverage.  

As a possible solution, you can list yourself as an excluded driver on your policy while your family member who has a license is named the primary driver.  

That sounds like a lot of hassle, so would you even want a car insurance policy?  

Do You Even Want Car Insurance Without Driver’s License?

Yes, you do. What if strong thunderstorm blows a heavy limb off a tree and it falls on top of your parked car? What if your car is stolen or broken into? Paying for repairs and getting a new car costs a lot of money. Are you sure you want to pay for it out of your own savings?  

Since a driver’s license isn’t required for you to purchase the protection, you can opt for full coverage.  

    5 Reasons for You to Purchase Car Insurance Without a Driver’s License

    Road accidents don’t discriminate. Even though you may not be the one driving your car, you can still get hurt (financially) when accidents happen. Here are five good reasons for you to protect your bank account even though you may not be driving your car.  

    Your Teenager is Driving Your Car

    Your teenage kid has a Learner’s Driving License and is working their way to a valid driver’s license. It could be a while before they learn to drive well as well as responsibly. It makes sense to have your kid get insurance on their vehicle even though they’re not fully licensed yet. 

    Of course, you can have your teen stay on your insurance policy as well. However, if they’re a college student who has moved to a different state, it could make sense for them to get their own coverage. Car insurance for new drivers will cover teenagers, adults who started driving later in their lives, non-U.S. residents who recently moved here, or adults who have a gap in their driving record. 

    You Own and Collect Vintage Cars

    As a lover of vintage automobiles, it’s not likely you would drive your collection of classic cars around on a regular basis. But what if robbers break into your garage, and either steal or vandalize your cars? Classic car insurance covers your vintage collection with a comprehensive policy. What makes a car a classic? If it’s at least 25 years old, hasn’t been involved in any at-fault accidents, and hasn’t participated in races, then it is considered a classic car. 

    You Have a Personal Driver

    If you don’t drive yourself around due to age or health-related issues, or simply have a personal driver who takes you where you need to be, then you need an auto insurance policy. You may not be the one driving the car, but you still own it, which means that you’re liable for any damage caused to it. 

    If an accident occurs, and your chauffeur is injured, then your insurance coverage will pay for their medical bills as well. 

    You Have Health Issues that Prevent You from Driving

    The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) lists a number of medical issues that can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. Some of these issues include glaucoma, diabetes, color blindness, cataracts, and seizure disorder. If your age and health issues stop you from driving properly on the road, then you will require a caregiver to drive you around. Much like covering a personal driver, your auto insurance policy will protect your caregiver in case of accidents. 

    Your License Got Temporarily Suspended

    Maybe you drove under the influence? Or have too many unpaid traffic tickets? Or maybe you’re driving without the necessary state-mandated insurance policy? You still need insurance. If you violate some traffic rules, you may get away with only having your license temporarily suspended. However, you cannot skimp on insurance during the time period. 

    Any gap in your insurance can make your auto insurers suspicious, leading you to pay higher premiums. The smart thing to do here is to carry insurance even though you’re not holding an active license. 

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    How To Get Car Insurance Without a License in 2023?

    Getting proper insurance coverage without an active driver’s license isn’t hard. Here are some ways to do it: 

    Add Someone to Your Policy

    Add a family member who lives at the same address as you and has a valid license to your policy as a primary driver. Next, you should list yourself as an excluded driver. However, if you own a car but your chauffeur drives your car, you can list them as a driver as well. In such a case, your chauffeur won’t need to live at the same address as you. Simply present their identity certification and driver’s license number so you can list them on your insurance coverage. 

    File an SR-22 Certificate

    Some states require an SR-22 certificate is required by some states if they charge you with driving-related violations such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, as well as  accidents while you have less-than-enough insurance. Some insurance companies will certainly offer an SR-22 when you’re purchasing auto insurance quotes. They may require you to pay a minimal one-time fee. 

    Most states will definitely require you to carry this certificate if you are a high-risk driver. Your SR-22 certificate certainly is valid as long as your insurance policy is.  

    Parked Car Insurance

    Do you not use your car as much as you used to? Does it stay in your garage collecting dust? You will still need protection. Consider purchasing parked auto insurance coverage. Even though your vehicle isn’t on the road, it’s still exposed to fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, as well as other risks.  

    The good news is, car insurance companies will probably not care if you don’t have a driver’s license for this coverage. If you drive the insured vehicle, then this policy won’t cover any damage during the drive. 

    Connect With The Best Insurance Agents Near You

    Contact a local agent online to help you with your insurance needs.

    Is Purchasing Cheap Car Insurance Without Driver’s License Possible?

    Without a valid driver’s license, your auto insurer will view you as a high-risk insurance policyholder. It could be highly difficult negotiating a cheaper price for your car insurance. Additionally, if you get in an accident with a suspended driver’s license, you could get it permanently revoked and watch your premiums skyrocket.  

    Moreover, prominent car insurance companies like State Farm, Nationwide, and Progressive will not sell their policy to someone without a valid license. Your best bet is to request policies from smaller insurance providers. They probably could give you discounts based on whether you pay your insurance costs in full or have a primary driver with a valid license.  

    Hold the Brakes

    Mistakes happen, and sometimes your license gets temporarily suspended. But it doesn’t mean that your insurance plans have to suffer. Always make sure that you’re driving with full coverage. Auto insurance without a license isn’t impossible, it’s only difficult.  

    However, getting an insurance agent for your shopping means you can relax while they do the heavy lifting. Contact a local insurance agent who will find you affordable insurance with no coverage compromises.  

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Is it possible to get car insurance with a suspended license?

    A suspended license means that the state has deemed you unable to drive responsibly and penalized you. However, your auto insurance isn’t only useful while you’re driving your car. If you can get your family member or a roommate to be the primary driver, you can purchase a car insurance policy. For more details, consult your insurance provider. 

    Will my insurance company drop me if I get my driver's license taken away?

    Unfortunately, yes. If you cause an accident and have your license revoked, your insurance company will cancel your policy. If you need to get around for work and other purposes, you’ll have to find other forms of transportation. Driving without an active license or car insurance is illegal and will get you in serious trouble. 

    How do I add a named or primary driver to my policy?

    Insurance companies will have several options for you if you want to add a primary driver to your insurance policy. You can add more than one named driver. Make sure that all your drivers have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.  

    To add them to your policy, simply send in their identification papers, documented proof of your relationship with them, their driving records, and other papers as requested by your provider. 

    If your roommate frequently uses your car but you don’t want them to be listed as one of the drivers under your policy, you can simply exclude them.  However, you should make sure they carry insurance of their own. 

    Will it impact my insurance rates if I get in an auto accident and I don't have my license on me?

    You definitely should always drive with your driver’s license. In most states, a cop could give you a ticket for simply not having your license with you. However, your insurance rates are likely to stay the same and won’t be affected. There are different factors that affect your insurance rates, but forgetting your driver’s insurance isn’t one of them.  

    How can I get buy insurance without a license?

    Start by requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. Next, compare prices and coverage options. Only get the coverage you absolutely need or else you’ll be overpaying for coverage you don’t require. Send the company of your choice your documents such as your choice of coverage options, driving record, identification papers, and more. You will likely need an SR-22 certificate, which any insurance company will be happy to provide.  

    Once the insurance company looks over all the required documents, you’ll send them the first payment installment. Congratulations, you’ve successfully purchased insurance! If you need help, have an insurance expert assist you. 

    Connect With The Best Insurance Agents Near You

    Contact a local agent online to help you with your insurance needs.

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