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Going Camping? Here’s A Know All Guide on Camper Trailer Insurance & Camper Van Insurance

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TLTR: This article provides information on the different types of campers, their insurance type, and camper insurance cost factors. It will also talk about some common myths that are related to camper insurance as well as address some frequently asked questions at the end.

When most people think of camping, they often envision the camper. The motorhome is a great vehicle for those who enjoy outdoor adventures and want to sleep comfortably in their own home away from home.

A lot of people who want to buy a camper often wonder what the cost is going to be. After all, it’s not inexpensive, according to Camper Report, the average cost of a camper can range between $25,000 to $30,000. Now if you calculate the insurance and maintenance that goes into a camper, the price is likely to go up. There are many factors that come into play with camper insurance cost.

In today’s economy, people are searching for cheaper alternatives. For those that own a camper or RVs in general, you can find some good deals on insurance but it will depend heavily on the type of vehicle and its usage as well as owner/traveler profile factors such as age and gender among others.

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What Is Camper Insurance

Camper insurance covers the financial aspect of uncertain damages that may occur when you are using your camper. The policy also covers your camper in a situation where you aren’t using it but some damage occurs to the vehicle. For example, if a tree falls on your camper, the policy will have you covered.

Camper van insurance is a little different from regular RV insurance or other motorhome insurances. A typical camper insurance cost quote includes more than just the vehicle. It also includes all of your personal possessions as well as injuries that may occur to someone else.

Camper insurance provides personal injury as well third-party liability insurance. When you are insuring your camper, your personal financial coverage is on the policy. You can also include any dependents if necessary or anyone else who may use the camper.

What Does Camper Insurance Cover

There are many instances for which you can use camper insurance policy. According to WMBF News, a camper was met in a terrifying highway accident in August 2021. The camper struck a pole and caused a collision with other vehicles. In this devastating incident, a person was urgently taken to hospital with many injuries.

While further details about the incident are yet to be reported, such incidents are generally covered under camper insurance. When you get a quote on camper insurance cost, it covers the following:

  • Loss from fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage from falling objects
  • Hail damage
  • Physical injuries and more

Note: If you need coverage for more than the list above, contact your insurance provider to check if your policy covers the uncertainty. 

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Types of Camper Insurance Coverage

Not all campers are the same, so there is no single type of policy that fits them all. Camping can be so much fun, but it’s important to know what kind of insurance will cover your equipment in the event something goes wrong.

Here are some types you should look into:

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability

In a standard campers insurance cost, you may not get all the forms of coverage available. One of the most common types of insurance for a camper van is bodily injury insurance and property damage liability insurance. Sometimes, you can also combine and buy them as a single policy.

This camper insurance policy will pay for the cost of medical treatment and property damage costs as a result from an accident involving your camper.

Uninsured Motorist

An uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance policy will cover costs if injury is caused to you or your family as well as the third-party.

Note: Since this policy focuses on the third party, the camper insurance cost may be higher than others. Make sure you check with your insurance provider before including this policy. 

Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive coverage generally includes all the possible scenarios which can cause a financial strain on you. With that in consideration, including comprehensive coverage can significantly increase your camper insurance cost.

Towing And Labor Coverage

A towing and labor coverage will cover the cost of towing your camper when it becomes inoperable. For example, if you are stranded on-site due to a mechanical failure. According to The Scotsman, in August 2021, a coastguard team was able to rescue a stranded camper in Scotland.
Such operations are generally a little expensive and a towing and labor coverage can help you cover for these expenses.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage within a camper insurance policy will cover the cost of damages caused to your camper as a result of an accident on-site.
So, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you file an insurance claim process, make sure to inform your insurance provider about your accident. The sooner you inform them, the better the chance of your claim approval.

Water Damage Camper Insurance

It is essential to get water damage coverage while getting your camper insurance. Especially if you live in flood-prone states, water damage coverage will save you big bucks. For example, if you are getting camper insurance in Florida, you never know when another hurricane or tornado will hit and might flood your camper. So, please ensure that you account for water and moisture damage that can go undetected.


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How Much is Camper Insurance in 2022?

According to Progressive, the average premium for a travel trailer is $502 a year. There are various types of motorhomes. Campers and travel trailers fall under the same category. So, camper insurance cost is likely to be similar to the cost mentioned above.

The cost of camper insurance depends on the type and size of your camper. For example: if you have a truck with an attached trailer, then it is considered as one unit for determining the premium rate.

Some cost other factors include:

  • Residence
  • Pet ownership
  • Specifications of your camper
  • Age of camper
  • Brand of camper
  • How you use it
  • Coverages you want to include

Camper insurance essentially works similarly to both homeowners insurance and car insurance policy. For example, a standard car insurance policy covers collision coverage. Which means, if your car is an accident and collides with another vehicle or object, the policy will pay for your damage. Similarly, a standard home insurance policy provides minimum coverage for your personal possessions in case of theft or fire damage. Such features are available in camper insurance. So, any factors that determine their premium cost, are likely to determine the camper insurance cost as well.

Check out the average camper trailer insurance cost that auto insurance agents near you might quote in different locations:

Locations  Average Cost Of Camper Insurance 
Camper Insurance New Hampshire  $500 to $1000 
Camper Insurance Massachusetts  $100 to $2500 
Camper Insurance Michigan  Up to $4400 or more 

*Please note that these prices are estimates and can significantly vary depending on a range of factors, like whether you own a camper van or a trailer, and so on.


Camper Insurance Companies to Consider

There are many insurance companies that can give you a reasonable camper insurance cost. However, there are only some that can provide you cheap full coverage and excellent services.
We have done the research for you. Here are some companies you can buy camper insurance from:

  • Progressive Insurance
  • Allstate
  • Renegade Insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Safeco
  • The Hartford
  • National General

Camp Stress-free With The Help of An Insurance Agent in Your Neighborhood

To start a stress-free camping journey, auto or camper insurance agents can help you find an affordable policy. They have the right tools, like a cost calculator, to give you quotes in minutes after assessing your requirements and make the entire process smooth.

All you have to do is search for a camper insurance agent near me, and you will get a list of agents and agencies in your area that provide insurance for your adventure vehicle.

Finding the best insurance agents online is more accessible, but it is getting more complicated with many options these days.

If you are struggling with finding an insurance agent for your camper trailer or van insurance, we can help!

Myths About Camper Insurance

There are many myths about camper insurance. Let’s debunk them here:

Home or Auto Insurance Cover Campers

Yes, but only partially. When you’re towing your trailer, liability coverage from your auto insurance is all that’s available. Your home insurance only provides protection while the vehicle is parked at home and won’t cover damage  during a trip.

All Motorhome Insurance Is the Same

No this is false. Getting insurance for your motorhome can be expensive, but it helps protect you out on the open road. If you don’t have insurance with features similar to auto coverage (like liability and medical), then after an accident any repairs will fall onto your shoulders alone.

Your travel trailer cover won’t help either. Class A, B, C all need a different policy just like personal vehicles do that protects both physical components as well as possessions inside. The policy should also offer some coverage similar to what’s found in regular vehicle policies. If not, accidents could see costly bills being sent straight into your mailbox.

Camper Insurance and Auto Insurance Is the Same

Yes and no. Driving your camper is different than driving a car in many ways. First, the vehicle has special features that require specialized insurance coverage.

Just like there are key differences between auto and home insurance, insurance for camper is different too. For example, driving a camper requires more precision than a car as the vehicle is much bigger and can lead to more accidents. Likewise, there are more differences within the policies.

For example, your standard car insurance policy may not have a personal articles floater or personal property endorsement in place. In camper insurance, your personal possessions are also insured.

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Campers are generally used as recreational vehicles. Of course, like everything, there are exceptions. There are thousands of people across the U.S. that stay in their campers. Regardless of how you use your camper, it’s important to stay on budget with the camper insurance cost.

In recent events, according to Spectrum News1, in August 2021, devastating floodwaters destroyed a 50-year-old campground. The calamity, damaged and destroyed many campers that were in the campground. Such calamities don’t occur often and a comprehensive camper insurance coverage can help you cover financial damages if you ever find yourself in such situations.

If you are someone who owns a camper or is considering getting a camper, we urge you to get the coverage. Camper insurance cost only seems like an unattainable dream, our agents are well equipped to make this dream a lived reality for you!

Get in touch with a local insurance agent for a free quote!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Insurance Agents Near Me Help Reduce the Cost of Camper Insurance?

Yes, the best insurance agents in your locality can assist you in saving some bucks on your camper insurance premium. They will also recommend some other ways to reduce camper insurance costs, such as: 

  • Keep your mileage low 
  • Maintain and secure your motorhome properly 
  • Include security devices in your camper 

If you are experienced in taking care of a camper, let your insurance provider know about it. 

Is Camper Van Insurance More Expensive Than Regular RV Insurance?

No, it’s not. Not in most cases, anyways. Both these vehicles fall under the category of a motorhome. If you own an RV then the category is Type A and if it’s a camper then it’s a Type C.  

The difference is, Type A motorhomes are generally more expensive than the others. So, camper insurance cost is likely to be lesser than that of a regular RV insurance cost.

Does Camper Insurance Cover Water Damage?

It depends. While there are specific providers that offer coverage for water damage, not all insurers cover this type of claim. At other times the insurance provider will only reimburse you for repairing damages at a pre-determined percentage of the original purchase cost.

Unfortunately, this means if your camper is 10 years old and has depreciated to $8,000 you may be out of luck for getting money back on any repairs needed because your policy won’t go beyond that amount even though it should hopefully still mean that the repairs would be covered overall.

Does Camper Van Insurance Cover Wild Animal Attacks?

It depends on the type of camper van insurance that you have, whether it is comprehensive or not. With comprehensive cover, if the camper van was in an accident with a wild animal, then your insurer would pay for all damages incurred. However, if your policy doesn’t cover this incident type then there is no cover provided.

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