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How To Get the Best of The Bundle: A Look Inside Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

TLTR: This article explains the advantages of bundle home and auto insurance and how you can successfully obtain the best coverage. 

When looking for insurance, it’s important, of course, to find the best quote. That’s why bundled policies are popular, especially for new homeowners. Simply put, when you bundle home and auto insurance policies from the same company, it can lead to big savings.

Insurance companies know that homeowners are likely car owners or potential car owners. Hence, if they offer a discount, they gain loyal, happy customers who provide good ratings. In the end, it’s a win-win arrangement.

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How to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

Basically, it depends on your situation…

  • If you’re currently in search of both car insurance and homeowners insurance, it’s best to look into offers that bundle the two coverages.
  • If you have one policy coverage and are seeking the other, it’s best to get them covered together from the same company.
  • Likewise, if you are already insured for both policies, but separately, you can research or talk to an agent about how to switch car insurance companies. And remember to ask how to find the best discounts.

Don’t forget to find out if your insurance offers additional perks when you bundle. For instance, you may be eligible to pay a single deductible on claims that include both your car and your home.

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Advantage of a Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Policy

According to Value Penguin, only about half of insurance shoppers find out about bundling options in their coverage research. That’s a shame, because it means a lot of people are missing out on significant savings.

Besides that, with this policy, other benefits include:

  • Cutting out significant time shopping for insurance
  • Reducing your premiums at margin rates
  • Reducing the volume of insurance bills to pay to different companies
  • Making it easier to renew claims or upgrade the insurance



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Does it give you peace of mind when you bundle home and auto insurance?

It should. Chances are, you’ll feel very secure about your insurance protection after signing up for a bundled policy. Bundling reduces the probability of your insurance provider terminating your contract due to unfavorable situations for the company, such as high-risk homes.  

It’s a good idea, if you already have separate auto and home insurance, to go over the respective declarations page. This page outlines the features of your coverage such as total annual premium cost of each insurance coverage, cost of deductibles, and policy runtime.  

When you’re looking for this very option, most insurance companies and agents know exactly how to help you. You only have to ask.  

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Conclusion: How to Get the Best out of Your Bundle

According to Digital Media Solutions insights, U.S. consumers can save up to 25% when they bundle home and auto insurance. But how does one make the best out of their bundle?

  • Compare your quotes: Shopping around for the best quote never hurt anyone. Know what you are getting yourself into and never settle.
  • Update your bundle annually: It’s best to sit down with your insurance company every year and discuss updates, added features, or discounts on your bundled insurance.
  • Update your insurance company regularly: Anytime you make an upgrade to your home, your insurance company would be interested to know.

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To find out more about how we bundle home and auto insurance, your local insurance agent can help you.

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