Last Updated: July 14, 2022

VR In Insurance Business – Allstate Files For Another Patent 


On November 12, 2021, Allstate submitted a patent application outlining the concept of employing VR in the insurance industry. Virtual Reality (VR) may have a few uses outside of video games and entertainment, but US insurer Allstate Insurance Company realizes the technology has potential for usage in the insurance sector.  

Investors claim that VR can be used to observe a user’s driving behaviors without simulating a collision. The computing equipment can then quantify these behaviors in order to analyze the user’s level of risk and driving prowess and, based on the results, award an insurance premium rate. VR simulators have also been shown to lower insurance premiums for those who utilize them.   

The creators added that the VR tool might be designed to imitate a “variety of driving impairments” to evaluate drivers’ abilities in addition to simulating collisions and displaying the type of coverage a driver would need.  

According to the developers, home insurance consumers can also use the equipment to examine a user’s living conditions at home and determine their risk for accidents or crimes.   

Allstate recently filed for another patent for proprietary technology with the aim to revolutionize the way telematics is used in auto insurance. Allstate has applied for a patent on a system that would enable real-time telematics-based driving evaluation.  

Notably, Allstate acknowledged in its patent that some telematics systems in use today would hinder real-time data analysis. They pointed out that some telematics devices could not even function when the car is moving. As a result, Allstate claimed that it may be challenging for individuals and groups to respond quickly to telematics data.  

Driving evaluation systems have numerous technological hurdles, which Allstate hopes to overcome with its upcoming patent for “Vehicle Telematics Based Driving Assessment.”  

Allstate stated that insurers are interested in telematics because it allows them to assess the risk associated with current and prospective clients. Parents and guardians could also use this information to keep an eye on their children or other dependents in a vehicle, as well as other organizations, such as law enforcement.  

The patent application outlines a system that consists of two devices: one that processes data from the car’s sensors and sends it, and one that receives it and generates “a behavior score” for each driving session. To start and stop the assessment application, the system would keep track of the car’s ignition and send out a report if the car’s speed exceeded a specific limit.  

This report will detail the car’s location, the time of day, the day of the week, the number of miles driven at night, and the length of time the vehicle was over the limit. According to the application, all of these measurements would be employed to “categorize the user of the car based on the behavior score.”   

In a statement to Repairer Driven News, Allstate said that it was actively developing affordable, straightforward, and connected solutions as part of its multi-year Transformative Growth plan. 


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