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What is an Agency Management System?   

An Agency management system often referred to as AMS is a service tool used by Insurance companies to employ a management system to streamline their business operations. 

AMS is created to assist insurance agencies in managing their operations. These systems offer a single destination for consumer data and financial and operational data across insurers. It also provides accounting features that let you keep tabs on expenditure.  

How Much Does an Agency Management System Cost?   

Agency management software can cost from less than $1,000 to $5,000 for a start-up operation with monthly fees of $60 to $600, depending on the level of sophistication you desire.

agency management system 101

Steps to Choose the Right Agency Management System 


Set Your Business Goals

If your existing system isn’t meeting your needs, consider what you want to accomplish in the next five years and list the items you already have and the things you don’t. Based on what’s missing, you’ll be able to determine which system can help you meet your business objectives.  

Identify Your Needs

There’s a clear distinction between goals and both needs and wants. Knowing what you need and want can help you determine the kind of business management software that is best for you. However, your wants and needs should always align with the objectives of your company. 

Research Your Vendors

The insurance industry is just one of several growing sectors in the online market for business management software. So, it may be difficult and time-consuming for businesses to implement a digital management system. Although there are various solutions available in the insurance industry, CRMs and AMSs are the most common choices. So, the more information you have up front when switching to a new software system, the better. Make sure to ask about any expenses up front so you’re not caught off guard at the last minute.  

Make a Decision

This step can be a bit of a challenge because you need to figure out which system is ideal for you. Thus, you must either use both systems or at least have a fundamental understanding of each system in order to make an objective conclusion.  

Manage The Change

You cannot expect to be fully operational in a new system the following day or even within a week. Timelines for implementation differ substantially, so take your time learning about your new system. A good AMS will give you access to a specialized resource that can train you and give you the skills you need to manage your system. Your efforts and self-confidence are just as important, however.  

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Best Insurance Agency Management Systems 2022 



Life and health insurance agencies can benefit from AgencyBloc, the #1 Agency Recommended Management System. It combines an industry-specific CRM, commission processing, sales management, as well as integrated business and marketing automation.

DRC Insurance Platform

In addition to portals, quoting, billing, claims, and advanced analytics, the DRC Insurance Platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end policy management system. This is driven by the best-in-class rating engine—RS X Rating—developed to streamline internal business processes and empower business users within a stable and secure enterprise ecosystem. By providing a risk-free, obligation-free proof of concept, DRC also lowers the risk of the purchasing process.


Incorporating CRM, Sales, Underwriting, Services, Claims, and Accounting, Macaw AMS is a cloud-hosted Insurance agency management platform that supports MGAs and Brokers’ end-to-end operations. The system includes built-in Workflow, Rules, and Document Management components. Payment Gateway, eSign, and email marketing all offer crucial synergies. Utilizing specialized portals, Macaw AMS offers self-service for customers, producers, and carrier partners.


NextAgency helps health, elders, and life insurance companies save time, money, and clients by integrating CRM, marketing, and commission management capabilities. With NextAgency, you can keep all of your agency information in one place, synchronize emails, contacts, and calendar events with your work email, track commissions, and more. You also get free support without long-term commitments.

Applied Epic

Applied Epic is a system for managing agencies that is both on-premises and cloud-based and gives the company automation tools. The system provides a single, open application with integrated functionality to manage customer connections, policy and benefit administration, sales automation, and financial accounting operations.

Agency Management System VS CRM 

Depending on your goal, you can decide between an agency management system or CRM software. If you want to examine client interactions in-depth, CRM solutions are ideal. However, agency management tools are preferable if you want to fix more than sales problems. 

Features  Agency Management System  Insurance CRM 
Marketing Automation  Automate business processes   Automate business processes 
Data management and storage  Stores basic data about existing customers and data  Stores comprehensive data about current and potential clients 
Reporting and Analytics  Analyzes data to predict interactions with future clients  Analyzes data on existing policyholders 
Industry Reporting and Analysis  AMS Analytics provides you with the industry’s best reporting, data and analysis to inform and help improve your company’s operations and performance.  CRM offers comprehensive reporting that lets you quickly access historical and interactive data and gain deep insight into your business 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does an insurance agency management system do?
Insurance agency management software automates the routine tasks involved in running insurance businesses. These systems provide tools for data management and customer relationship management (CRM). 
What does CRM stand for in insurance?
The most efficient instrument for assuring a good customer experience at all points throughout the customer journey is customer relationship management or CRM.
Why do we need an insurance management system?
It keeps track of insurance policy specifics, boosts agent output, and gives quick access to client information. In addition to this, it aids in processing commissions for the agents as well as client claims. Multiple processes are automated, which speeds up and optimizes agency operations.

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